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Container Trucking Novorossiysk

Trucking is the most complicated part in a container export/import multimodal chain. It is very important to provide trucks for loading on time and make delivery ASAP, in order to supply necessary goods, spare parts, raw materials, etc. for manufacturing facilities and, at the same time, escape extra costs for container demurrage.

Trucking Vehicles Owner

Our first trucks and container semi-trailers were purchased in 2006 in St.Petersburg. Since that time we increased & developed container export/import trucking services. Our first trucks arrived in Novorossiysk in 2010.

For the moment TS Inexim,Llc. provides container trucking services in all ports & container terminals of Novorossiysk. We deliver containers to Moscow, Rostov, Krasnodar, Kazan, Samara & other regions of Russia. Our truck drivers are highly trained and have a long-time experience in container trucking business. Every truck is covered with insurance policy.

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